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Solargiga Energy Holdings Ltd. pays high attention to the cooperation with international enterprises and on research and development of solar technology. Cooperating with its business partners, namely Wafer Works Corporation in Taiwan, Space Energy Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation in Japan, the Company is able to strengthen its business chain, expand market network and enhance technology level, thus increasing its core competitiveness.

The Company is fully equipped with R&D pilot production facility and detecting devices and has implemented a well-planned R & D investment accounting system. The Company has collaborated with Dalian Institute of Technology and Liaoning Institute of Technology respectively on the R&D of technologies and products in the field of solar cells. Through market research and feedback gathered from Sales and Marketing Dept., the Technical Dept. is able to set the research objective and target on new products to meet with market demand.

The Company have successfully developed "220μm ultra-thin silicon wafer for solar cells technology", "200μm new process of wafer manufacture", "6 inches N type monocrystalline silicon for solar cells", "220μm wafer precision cutting technology", "6 inches monocrystalline silicon ingot pulling technology for solar cells" and "8 inches monocrystalline silicon ingot pulling technology for solar cells" to name but a few. Many of which were awarded with provincial-level scientific and technological achievements and several scientific and technological prizes presented by provincial and municipal governments. 17 Research and Development Projects have been accredited with Certificates of National Patent.