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Research & Technology
Manufacturing Process
‧Quality Upgrading
    of Silicon Materials
    Silicon Ingots
    Silicon Wafers

‧Solar Cell

  ‧Photovoltaic Modules
Quality Assurance


  1. Slice of inspection
    Wafer inspection.

  2. Pre-cleaning & Texturing
    By doing alkali etching to remove wafer surface sliced damage and form pyramid structure to reduce reflection.

  3. Diffusion
    Making PN junction.

  4. Plasma etching
    Remove edge of PN junction layer.

  5. Remove phosphorus silicon layer
    Remove phosphorus silicon compound.

  6. Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)
    Deposit silicon nitride thin film to reduce reflection.

  7. Printing
    Print electrode graphics.

  8. Sintering
    By high temperature process, to form alloy between silver paste and silicon wafer so as to make good contact.

  9. Testing
    Cells electrical characteristics and efficiency test.

  10. Appearance sorting
    Cells in appearance sorting.

  11. Packaging
    Packing qualified finished products with heat-shrink wrapping.