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Research & Technology
Manufacturing Process
‧Quality Upgrading
    of Silicon Materials
    Silicon Ingots
    Silicon Wafers

‧Solar Cell

  ‧Photovoltaic Modules
Quality Assurance


  1. Cell Inspection
    Prepare numbers of cells required by production, visual check whether cell appearance has defects.

  2. Single Soldering
    Prepare cells, solder strip and solder connection strip as production requirement.

  3. Series Welding
    Prepare cells; perform series welding as package requirement.

  4. Splicing
    Arrange cell array on EVA-glass as blueprint.

  5. Interim Test
    Check cell specifications.

  6. Lamination
    Check all lamination parameters correct and then laminate tested splicing cells.

  7. Framing
    Right position the laminated cells on bracket, and then use framing machine with right pressure.

  8. Junction Box Installation
    Press junction box on defined position of the component, and lead out positive-negative outgoing lines.

  9. Solidification  
    Solidify the component for 8 to 16 hours for silica gel solidification.

  10. Cleaning
    Clean façade of the component with alcohol and wipe clean, make sure façade tidy.

  11. Testing
    Test output power of the component and conduct final visual appearance check.

  12. Packaging
    Package the component with paper carton and belt.