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Research & Technology
Manufacturing Process
‧Quality Upgrading
    of Silicon Materials
    Silicon Ingots
    Silicon Wafers

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Quality Assurance


  1. Furnace Cleaning
    Clean the volatile substance in the furnace, check all parts of the equipment well.

  2. Furnace Charging
    Put appropriate silicon raw materials into the quartz ceramics crucible (with coating), then put the crucible on heat exchange platform (cooling plate).

  3. Vacuumizing
    Vacuumize the furnace, keep the pressure inside the furnace to 0.05-0.1mbar, hold vacuum still.

  4. Leak Detection
    Close all values, check leakage rite of unit time meet manufacturing standard.

  5. Melting Material
    Charge in argon as shielding gas, increase heating power gradually to melt the silicon raw material.

  6. Crystal Growing
    Lower the heating power, keep the temperature of silicon melt close to melting point, form temperature gradient inside the crucible by heat exchange so as to make the crystal grow from bottom to top.

  7. Annealing
    When crystal growth is complete, keep the temperature of crystal ingot near to melting point for 2 to 4 hours in order to keep the temperature of the crystal ingot well-distributed, lessen the thermal stress.

  8. Cooling  
    Shut down the heating power, raise the heat-proof device or completely lower the heat shield, augment the flow of argon into the furnace to lower the temperature of the crystal nearly to room-temperature.

  9. Open Furnace  
    Lower the under part of the furnace, take out the crystal ingot.