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Research & Technology
Manufacturing Process
‧Quality Upgrading
    of Silicon Materials
    Silicon Ingots
    Silicon Wafers

‧Solar Cell

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Quality Assurance




  1. Cutting and Grinding
    Cut single crystal ingot into square rod as required and grind all four corners with a grinding machine.

  2. Acid Cleaning
    After inspection, qualified single crystal squire rods are put into blended solution of acid in order to remove other impurities at the surface.

  3. Gluing
    Glue cleaned square rods to working plates.

  4. Wafer Slicing
    Position the squire rod onto the wire saw machine and slice the rod into wafers according to preset configurations.

  5. Cleaning and Ungluing
    Clean the wafers to remove impurities and separate glue residuals.

  6. Ultrasound Cleaning
    Place unglued wafers into wafer boxes and process final cleaning via ultrasound cleaning machine.

  7. Spin Drying
    Fasten the wafers boxes (with cleaned wafers) onto spin dryer and dry the wafers through additional heater and high-speed spinning cycles.

  8. Inspection and Packaging
    Inspect wafers' appearance, thickness, resistivity, TTV, angularity and more. Classify and package the final products by different grades and shipping types.