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  1. Melting of Silicon Materials
    Fill raw materials into silica pot and after ensuring no air leakage, raise temperature to melt silicon materials with the shielding of argon.

  2. Stabilization of Silicon Materials
    After keeping melted silicon materials under high temperature for short time, lower the temperature progressively for several minutes in order to stabilize them.

  3. Necking Growth
    A silicon seed crystal at the end of a metal rod is lowered into a quartz crucible of molten silicon liquid to be immersed. As the temperature is adjusted, we try to remove dislocations and produce monocrystalline ingot (with a targeted diameter) through proper necking and increasing seed crystal length.

  4. Equant Growth
    Allow the small dislocation-free crystal to diametrically grow through steady control of the pulling rate and temperature of molten silicon. Once the target diameter is reached, the pulling rate should be adjusted and allow dislocation-free crystal to vertically grow at the fixed diameter.

  5. Ending
    As the growing process is near completion, the pulling rate and temperature are adjusted to ensure that the diameter of the monocrystalline gradually diminishes and eventually separates from the molten silicon level. This step is necessary in order to guarantee an entire flawless single crystal without any dislocation.

  6. Annealing
    Shut down the heater and steadily raise the crystal ingot.