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Research & Technology
Manufacturing Process
‧Quality Upgrading
    of Silicon Materials
    Silicon Ingots
    Silicon Wafers

‧Solar Cell

  ‧Photovoltaic Modules
Quality Assurance




  1. Incoming Material
    The warehousing department inform incoming materials.

  2. IQC (Incoming Quality Control)
    Conduct casual inspection for incoming materials.

  3. Classification
    Classify raw materials and measure resistivity.

  4. Corrosion
    Immerse into acid to remove surface impurities of raw materials.

  5. Baking
    Load into baking machine for drying.

  6. Inspection
    Check the impurities of materials.

  7. Packaging
    Pack the qualified products as per customer's requirement.

  8. Shipment
    Arrange shipment by warehousing department.