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Business Overview
‧Quality Upgrading
    of Silicon Materials
‧Customized Silicon     Materials
  ‧Monocrystalline Silicon
    Ingots & Wafers
  ‧Multicrystalline Silicon
    Ingots & Wafers
‧Mono- and Multi-
    crystalline Photovoltaic
‧Photovoltaic System
    Design and Installation
Production Facilities


 Jinzhou Yangguang Energy

Jinzhou New Sun PV Application Co.,Ltd


 Shanghai JingJi EMC


 Solargiga Energy (Qinghai)


Sales Market



The research and development team of Shanghai Jingji has developed various manufacturing process after years' of dedicated efforts. With the materials and instruction given by customer, we customize all kinds of silicon materials in order to meet the customer's requirements. At present, Shanghai Jingji can process more than 20 kinds of and more than 80 types and shapes of polysilicon materials. Shanghai Jingji has established a unique Silicon Materials Museum and has become a leading customized silicon materials service provider. Its product quality has reached international level with a strong clientele spreading over Europe, America, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.