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Business Overview
‧Quality Upgrading
    of Silicon Materials
‧Customized Silicon     Materials
  ‧Monocrystalline Silicon
    Ingots & Wafers
  ‧Multicrystalline Silicon
    Ingots & Wafers
‧Mono- and Multi-
    crystalline Photovoltaic
‧Photovoltaic System
    Design and Installation
Production Facilities


 Jinzhou Yangguang Energy

Jinzhou New Sun PV Application Co.,Ltd


 Shanghai JingJi EMC


 Solargiga Energy (Qinghai)


Sales Market


The Group offers quality upgrading services including classification of polysilicon material after crushing, separation of non-silicon material from waste and scrap, followed by choosing, grading and cleaning, so as to have the silicon materials suitable for the production of solar silicon ingots. With polysilicon waste and scrap materials provided by customer, quality upgrading process is underwent at Shanghai Jingji. This upgrading process helps lower production cost, recycle and reuse resources, while improving quality of silicon materials for carbon reduction and environmental protection in the manufacturing chain of photovoltaic products. Led by an experienced team, we are able to meet with customers' needs through continuous research and development on polysilicon manufacturing process and stringent quality control.