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Taiwan Depositary Recepits: 9157TT
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Business Overview
‧Quality Upgrading
    of Silicon Materials
‧Customized Silicon     Materials
  ‧Monocrystalline Silicon
    Ingots & Wafers
  ‧Multicrystalline Silicon
    Ingots & Wafers
‧Mono- and Multi-
    crystalline Photovoltaic
‧Photovoltaic System
    Design and Installation
Production Facilities


 Jinzhou Yangguang Energy

Jinzhou New Sun PV Application Co.,Ltd


 Shanghai JingJi EMC


 Solargiga Energy (Qinghai)


Sales Market



Jinzhou production base is currently equipped with advanced production facilities, including 397 sets of monocrystalline ingot pullers, 121 sets of wiresaws, 10 sets of wire electrical discharge machine, 24 sets of cutting machines, 27 sets of squaring and grinding machines, 5 sets of polishing machines, 1 Meyer Burger BS805 band saw, as well as 5 sets of Digital grinding machines for monocrystalline silicon and 4 sets of multicrystalline casting furnaces.