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        Turkey is an attractive investment area with its advantageous location in terms of solar energy capacity. According to the Renewable Energy General Directorate and the State Meteorology Affairs General Directorate, Turkey’s average annual total sunshine duration is 2640 hours; a total of 7.2 hours per day, with an average total radiation intensity of 1.311 kWh/m2-years, (daily total 3.6kWh/m2). This makes Turkey the 2nd best country in Europe after Spain in terms of solar power investment potential. Also stable and high energy demand increase, feed-in tariff, land availability, public acceptance are the key factors that make Turkey one of the top countries in the World to invest in Solar Power Generation. In this context, Group decided to make an investment in Turkey.

        DCH Solargiga Enerji San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. is founded by DCH Solargiga Gmbh , a subsidiary in Germany which is held 70% interest by the Solargiga Energy Holdings Group in December 2013.

        The role of the company is the development & EPC of Solar PV projects and in 2015 the manufacturing of monocrystalline photovoltaic modules will be held in the production facilities of the company in Bursa. Also the production of photovoltaic modules of the 200 MW solar energy plant Project in Ghana will be manufactured in these facilities. Currently there are nine PV system projects, totaling approximately 114.7MW, are under planning in Turkey. Those PV system projects will be executed in phases according to the allocation and permission of funding and other resource in the future.