Hong Kong Stock Code: 00757
Taiwan Depositary Recepits: 9157TT
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Company Overview
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   Jinzhou Yangguang Energy


    Shanghai JingJi EMC


Aiming to become the most competitive and cost-efficient solar product manufacturer, Solargiga is dedicated to broaden the use of solar energy as a principal renewable energy resource in order to safeguard a cleaner environment for our future generations.

Pushing forward to manufacturing of first-class products and building world-famous brand.

Core Values
Integrity: Uphold core operational values of credibility and sincerity.
Social Responsibility: Provide renewable energy resource to help shelter the global environment.
Growth: le operations and create profitable returns for Maintain stabshareholders and employees.

Teamwork: Attain innovative technological breakthroughs and professional management.
Partnership: Establish long-term and synergistic collaborations with clients and suppliers.