Hong Kong Stock Code: 00757
Taiwan Depositary Recepits: 9157TT
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Jinzhou Yangguang Energy Co., Ltd.

        Jinzhou Yangguang Energy Co., Ltd. is the biggest PV manufacturing enterprise in Northeastern China with a high ranking in domestic China, founded in 2001. The Company is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited with the name of Solargiga Energy Holdings Limited since 31 March 2008 and its stock code is 00757.HK. The Company has also issued Taiwan Depositary Receipt on The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation on 11 December 2009 and its stock code is 9157.TT.
        The Company is a high-tech enterprise with capacity of developing, manufacturing and marketing photovoltaic products as well as the integration of PV project designing and installation. Currently there are more than 4000 employees in the Company locating in three production bases in Jinzhou (Liaoning), Xining (Qinghai) and Shanghai. After ten years of development, the Company has formed a complete and competitive PV industry chain from ingot, wafer, solar cell, module to PV project designing and installation.
        Until now, the annual capacity of ingot, wafer, solar cell and module are 1.6GW, 1.2GW, 400MW and 2.3GW respectively sold to following countries and regions: China Mainland, Japan, Germany, USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Turkey, Spain, Italy, France, South Africa, Ghana and other countries and regions, with a high technology achieving international advanced level.
        In PV end-user area, the Company established the first 300KW PV power plant in Northeastern China in Nov. 2009, and then financed and built an 18.54MW Golden Sun Pilot power plant in Jinzhou as well as a 20 MW PV power plant in Golmod Qinghai, started operation and generated electricity in the end of 2011. Another 20MW On-grid PV power plant invested and built by the Company on Gonghe County in Qinghai Prov. has been connect power grid and generated electricity in the end of 2016. Besides developing and building large scale On-grid PV power plants, by combination with buildings and edifices, the Company is vigorously promoting “One-Stop distributing” service, small PV On-grid power stations, Off-grid PV power system, Agricultural greenhouses tourism system, Fishing and Solar hybrid power system and other PV applications.
        After more than ten years of development, the Company has formed a complete and competitive PV industry chain. Production scales for mono ingot and mono wafer ranked No. 3, and shipping volume for PV modules secures Top 10.
         Persisting Honesty, Innovation, Competition, Excellency, the Company is always pushing forward to manufacturing of first-class products and building world-famous brand by attaining technological innovations and professional management, strengthening product & process qualities, upholding core operational values of credibility and sincerity. Aiming to become global leading solar product manufacturer, Solargiga is dedicated to broaden the use of solar energy as a principal renewable energy resource in order to safeguard a cleaner environment for our future generations.

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