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   Jinzhou Yangguang Energy


    Shanghai JingJi EMC


At Solargiga, we are always looking for passionate and ambitious individuals to join our team. We offer an ideal environment for growth in the solar power industry.

Together, we challenge ourselves to build a brighter tomorrow.

Position Requirements Workplace
Engineer Bachelor degree and above
  • Major in Mining/Geology, Mechanical, Electrical or non-metal Material
  • CET-4 and above
  • Mastering of computer knowledge and proficient in MS office application
  • More than one year working experiences preferred
  • Job duties: assist process engineer for supervising and improving manufacturing process and offer technical support for production
International Trade Executive
  • Bachelor degree and above in International Trade and International Marketing
  • CET-6 and above; proficiency in listening, speaking and writing skills
  • Capable of communicating, coordinating and solving problems
  • Mastering of computer knowledge and proficient in MS office application
  • Previous experience in International trade preferred
  • Job duties: achieve sales targets set by the company, manage and maintain customer relations to realise the company's marketing strategy
Recruitment Method:

Please provide the following materials: full resume, one recent photograph, ID card, household register (ie. first page and personal page), copies of diploma and other related certificates (ie. in A4 size). Please send your application to the address below via mail, fax or email:

Human Resources Department
Jinzhou Yangguang Energy Co., Ltd
No.102 Jiefang West Rd.
Postal Code: 121016
Email: info_jinzhou@solargiga.com